Growing Your Business with Bryan Gray

Growing Your Business with Bryan Gray

Bryan Gray became an entrepreneur at the ripe old age of 14 and later led two companies onto the Inc. 500 List. Today, Bryan serves as Chief Executive Officer & Neuro Selling Practice Leader for the Revenue Path Group (RPG). He is also President of MediaSauce, a contributing member of RPG, and leads the business development and strategic direction of both the organization as well as client work.

Show Notes:

On this episode of Small Business Matters the podcast, Bryan Gray shares his insights on neuromarketing, the importance of understanding the buyer’s decision-making process, and discovering the “Why You” and “Why Now” in the sales process.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to SB [0:02:07] • Becoming an Entrepreneur [0:02:56] • Three Deadly Cs of B2B Sales [0:04:09] • Connecting Value to Marketing Efforts [0:06:16] • Understanding the Buyer [0:06:58] • The Customer’s Decision Process [0:08:50] • Mistakes Small Business Makes [0:11:00] • Getting Your Name Out There [0:13:02] • Why You, Why Now [0:15:00] • Marketing and Sales Collaboration [0:16:30] • Neuromarketing: Messages that Resonate [0:18:11] • Tools for Understanding Your Audience [0:20:12] • Examples of Marketing Success and Failure [0:24:17] • Rapid Fire [0:28:49] • Takeaways [0:32:00] • ebook Offer [0:34:32]