November 11, 2020

Meeting Facilitation

Studies suggest that most professionals spend 50% of their time in meetings. These meetings typically go one of two ways:

  1. Effective and efficient, with new tasks and objectives assigned
  2. Wasted time with nothing decided and no clear direction

The success of a meeting can often be attributed to the person leading it. With so much time and resources involved, your meetings need to be efficiently run to get the most from your team. It’s true, most employees think meetings are completely unnecessary, but if you hold a productive meeting, you can fulfill your goals while saving time, money, and talent. We can help make that happen.

Vistage Emeritus Tim Fulton draws from his experience to facilitate effective peer group and company off-site meetings. Under Tim’s direction, client meetings run smoothly and efficiently. Tim works diligently to ensure the following objectives are met in every meeting engagement:

  • Main agenda items are covered
  • Ideas are shared and explored
  • Conflicts are resolved
  • Better decisions are made
  • Team members are heard and realize their importance
  • Time, effort, and money are well spent


In Nov. 2020, Tim facilitated the SRSA Comm Real Estate team retreat in New Orleans. Watch the video below as SRSA founding partner Steve Reisig shares his thoughts on the meeting.


Productive meetings provide opportunities for members of your team or company to exchange ideas and discuss objectives. They’re essential to the growth of your business. We’d like to help you get the most value from your company meetings. To discuss an upcoming peer group or off-site meeting, or to talk about an idea for the future, contact Tim Fulton at