July 29, 2013


GrowSmart 1 Page Business Plan
Developed for the GrowSmart training program. Used by hundreds of small business owners. Easy to use and implement.

GrowSmart Financial Template
Developed for the GrowSmart training program by SBDC consultant Bernie Meineke. This is a great financial planning tool and may keep you from running out of cash. 

GrowSmart 3yr Ratio Tool
Your financial statements by themselves tell you very little. You need something to compare these numbers to. This Ratio Tool will help you calculate the most important financial ratios you need to know. 

Competitive Analysis Matrix
How do you keep track of your competitors? This is a fantastic tool to collect competitive data and make relative comparisons. 

Sustainable Growth Rate
How fast should you grow your business? This easy-to-use tool will help you calculate a safe (sustainable) twelve month revenue growth rate for your company. Why guess when you can calculate it yourself?

The Welch Grid
This tool was initially used by Jack Welch at GE. Now you can use it to evaluate each of your employees in terms of their job performance and behavior. How many “Superstars” do you have? 

Z Score Formula
Is your company at risk of bankruptcy? This formula will help you decide. Very similar to the calculation every bank makes on your loan application. What is your Z Score?

The Adversity Quotient
Is it possible to predict entrepreneurial success? Very hard. This may be the best predictor: your Adversity Quotient. How well do you overcome adversity?

Twelve Questions for Every Employee
How well are you managing your employees? These twelve questions come from a very large Gallup Poll of employees when asked what is most important to them as employees.