Book Review: The Progress Principle

What motivates your employees? Authors of The Progress Principle, Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, conducted a rigorous analysis of nearly 12,000 diary entries provided by hundreds of employees in multiple companies. What they found is that the best leaders can build teams of employees who have satisfying “inner work lives”. They have consistently positive emotions, Read more about Book Review: The Progress Principle[…]

Should You Fire Your Cheerleader?

It depends. A year ago, I wrote an article about terrorists. You may recall that according to the Welch Grid, a terrorist employee gives you above-average job performance and below-average employee behavior. The question then was whether you should fire them. The easy answer was “Of course”. The reality is it’s typically a very tough Read more about Should You Fire Your Cheerleader?[…]

10 Ways to Keep Your Superstars—Before They Leave

Remember the good old days? The time before and after the last recession and before the pandemic when your employees were too nervous to even consider leaving their jobs? Afraid they wouldn’t find other employment in such a dreary economic environment, they stayed with you in hopes of better times. They were economic “hostages”. Those Read more about 10 Ways to Keep Your Superstars—Before They Leave[…]

The Worst Hiring Mistake You May Never Know You’ve Made

When we think of bad hiring mistakes, we often zero in on specific hires such as the sales guy that couldn’t sell or the accountant with math issues, or even the customer service specialist with bad people skills. Those bad hires haunt us for years. Sometimes they even prevent us from wanting to make future Read more about The Worst Hiring Mistake You May Never Know You’ve Made[…]