Team Leadership & Accountability with Eric Coryell

Eric CoryelI helps organizations identify their strategic position, move accountability down into the organization, and most of all create accountable teams that deliver results. To support these efforts, he also helps individuals and teams establish meaningful metrics, problem solve, deal with their real issues by having difficult conversations, and become accountable to each other.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Eric honed his team development skills throughout his career during which he served in various leadership roles from purchasing manager to CEO. Twelve years ago, Eric founded Core Connections, LLC dedicated to helping organizations become more agile, customer-responsive, and efficient through the creation of accountable teams. In addition to a popular Vistage speaker, Eric is also a lifelong Wisconsin Badgers fan.


Show Notes:

Recently, on Small Business Matters the podcast, Eric Coryell stopped by to chat with Tim and Taylor about leading and building accountability teams, the hiring process, five steps in building an accountable team, and the importance of shared fate.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to SB [0:02:00] • Leading Accountable Teams [0:02:40] • New Hires [0:04:00] • Building verses Evolving [0:07:00] • 5 Steps to Building a Team [0:08:12] • Importance of Shared Fate [0:10:00] • Building Trust [0:11:00] • Small Business Struggles [0:12:23] • Turning Point for Eric [0:14:25] • Organizational Charts [0:16:12] • Behaviors that Impact Teams [0:20:01] • Sized for Success [0:23:36] • Rapid Fire [0:25:18] • Takeaways [0:28:57]