For your business to grow, you need to work on it – not just in it.

Invest in Yourself

If you want to keep winning, you need a great coach. A good coaching relationship provides the framework, guidance, expertise, and objectivity required to develop your leadership skills and grow your business.

Expand Your Network

Connect with other small business leaders navigating the same issues and challenges you face each day through sponsored events and introductions.

Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

Your Business
Without Coaching

  • On Your Own
  • Just a Job
  • Narrow Vision
  • Shoot from the Hip
  • Reactive Management
  • Risk Adverse
  • Stressed & Overwhelmed

Your Business
With Coaching

  • Trusted Partner
  • Healthy Growth
  • Objective Point of View
  • Execute Strategic Plan
  • Proactive Management
  • Informed Risk Taker
  • Enjoying Your Business

A Trusted Advisor

With over 30 years of experience, Tim Fulton brings a results-based approach to each and every client. Tim has been involved in the field of entrepreneurship for over three decades as a successful business owner, small business counselor, and adjunct university professor.  A Vistage Emeritus, Tim is also a nationally recognized small business coach, advocate, author, and speaker. 

Whether your business has been established for 50 years or 50 days, Small Business Matters is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and mission.

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Embrace Your Enemies

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” President Abe Lincoln said…

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Lisa Dugan helps business owners and executives achieve their individual vision of success. She has been a Chairperson for 10 years with Vistage International and Partner and Executive Coach for 25 years with Bixler Consulting Group. In addition, Lisa co-authored several business books on executive presence and advancement strategies for success and is a popular presenter and panel moderator at Vistage International conferences and seminars. Lisa is determined to add value to her clients’ businesses, whether they’re starting up, growing up, or selling out.

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