Embracing Change and Staying Focused with Rick Mayo

Rick Mayo founded a personal training business, Alloy Personal Training Center, in 1992. In the past decade, he and his team began helping major brands and independent gyms, health clubs, and fitness businesses around the world deploy personal training systems through a licensing model under the Alloy brand. A subject matter expert on health and fitness, Rick is also a featured conference speaker, both Internationally and domestically and contributes regularly to industry publications such as “Men’s Health” nationwide.

Show Notes:

In this episode of Small Business Matters the Podcast, a long-time friend of SBM stops by to chat with Tim and Taylor about internal communication, embracing change within your business, focusing on your core offering, and the most important role of CEO – thought leader.


Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to SB [0:02:40] • Getting Started [0:04:15] • Time to Learn about Business [0:06:06] • Systemizing the Business [0:07:33] • CEO’s Most Important Role [0:09:46] • Team Buy-In [0:11:31] • Lessons Learned [0:14:27] • Adopting a Cause Beyond Profit & Growth [0:16:14] • Advice for Small Business Owners [0:18:20] • Rapid Fire [0:20:16] • Takeaways [0:23:21] • Contact Info. [0:24:49]