The Impact of Substance Abuse on Small Business with Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell, MS is the executive director of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and supporting community alliances to reduce the impact of addiction through education, advocacy, and training. Neil is a passionate advocate for public policy around a recovery-oriented system of care and a peer recovery workforce.

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Show Notes:

In this episode of Small Business Matters the Podcast, Tim and Taylor welcome guest Neil Campbell to discuss the issue of substance abuse and the workplace. Neil shares the importance of connection to a person in recovery and the impact business owners have on an employee who may be struggling with substance abuse or recovery. Listeners learn how to address the issue with an employee, what language to avoid, and how to provide the necessary support for recovery.

In this Episode:

• What Matters Most to Small Business [0:01:43] • Measuring a Global Objective [0:03:45] • Neil’s Journey [0:05:18] • Agency Funding [0:08:03] • Leadership Role [0:08:24] • Questions Around Substance Abuse [0:14:46] • How Substance Abuse Affects Small Business [0:17:43] • Addressing Conerns with an Employee [0:19:24] • COVID Impacts Support Resources [0:22:03] • Hiring People in Recovery [0:25:41] • Mistakes Made Dealing with Recovery Issues [0:28:24] • The CARES Academy [0:31:28] • Rapid Fire [0:34:32] • Contact Information [0:37:35] • Take Aways [0:39:01]