Creating Culture that Increases Profitability with John Waid

In addition to the founder and CEO of Corporate Culture Consulting, John Waid is a facilitator, international keynote speaker, author of the Culture-Driven Series of books, and a recognized thought leader on corporate culture.

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In this episode of Small Business Matters the Podcast, John Waid joins Tim and Taylor to talk about the importance of company culture in small businesses. John describes the three types of behavioral values, Aspiring, Growth, and Operational, and how they dictate culture, affect employee retention, and ultimately, impact profitability.

In this Episode:

• What Matters Most to Small Business [0:01:53] • John’s Career Path [0:02:57] • Organizational Culture [0:05:22] • Culture Tactics [0:07:04] • Behavior Reflects Values [0:10:57] • Growth Impacts Culture [0:13:50] • Typical Engagement [0:15:03] • Culture is Unique to Company [0:17:42] • Generic Values Verses Real Culture [0:22:58] • International Differences [0:26:08] • Rapid Fire [0:28:32] • Contact Information [0:32:28] • Take Aways [0:34:11]