Rami Odeh on Changing Lives

Health and Fitness guru Rami Odeh owned and operated a successful fitness center in Sandy Springs, GA for more than 20 years. One year later, Rami continues to help people change their lives and companies lower healthcare costs through consulting, coaching, and public speaking. He is also the author of “Quiet the Noise”, available on amazon.com.


Show Notes:

On this episode of Small Business Matters the Podcast, Rami Odeh shares his experiences around entrepreneurship, surviving 2008, understanding the Why, the importance of knowing when to ask for help, and developing an exit strategy.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to SB [0:01:56] • Exit Strategy [0:03:33] • Lessons Learned [0:07:26] • The Importance of Resilience [0:10:53] • Leadership [0:11:50] • Best & Worst Mistakes [0:15:24] • Wellness Programs [0:21:25] • “Quiet the Noise” [0:24:00] • The Spiritual Benefits of Exercise [0:26:50] • Advice for Getting Healthy [0:30:30] • Rapid Fire [0:37:17] • Takeaways [0:40:21] • Contact Rami [0:41:12]