Kiplinger’s Best Ideas for Hiring & Retaining Workers in 2022

My weekly Kiplinger Letter arrived last week with a number of great ideas for hiring and retaining the best talent in 2022. I hope you make good use of these in your business.


Kiplinger’s Best Ideas for Hiring & Retaining Workers in 2022

Today there are over 10 million jobs open in the U.S. Amid a historic labor shortage that stands to linger, many businesses need to rethink how to hire. Even companies unaffected today can’t stand pat, since many workers are mulling a job or career switch.

Here’s a roundup of ideas and advice on hiring and retaining workers in this challenging environment.

Keep in mind how tough times have gotten.

Companies can’t even land recruiters, who are in short supply because of surging demand.

The problem cuts across all sorts of jobs, from accountants to cybersecurity specialists, though it’s worse for many front-line, low-wage gigs.

To start, revisit pay and major benefits and try to make sure they meet or exceed those of other local businesses. Consider tuition assistance and help with child care. If possible, be more flexible with remote work.

Don’t overlook smaller perks, everything from a Netflix subscription to subsidized meals. Many workers are interested in employee discounts, not just for gyms, but on cars, smartphones, etc.

Give a clear path for career advancement for current workers and even point it out in job posts. Help with career development by footing the bill for association memberships, conferences, and trade publications.

Offer paid time off for volunteering. Provide free health and wellness apps.

Increase referral bonuses. Be active with local colleges. Consider past candidates.

To help with retention, don’t skimp on recognition for a job well done. Send an e-mail and copy key executives. Get the CEO to send a personal note. Let top workers run meetings, set their own deadlines, or take on bigger projects. To hold on to older workers, try shortened weeks, job sharing, or lightened duties.

Keep tabs on what large companies are offering and try to stay competitive. McDonald’s launched an emergency backup child and elderly care pilot program. Taco Bell tried a national event with job interviews from car windows in parking lots. Intel provides reimbursements for at-home ergonomic desks, chairs, and monitors. UPS ditched certain application questions and offers jobs in as little as 10 minutes. Walmart shifted more workers from part-time to full-time, with consistent schedules. Target is covering 100% of employee education costs at 40 colleges and universities.

Don’t forget to brush up on the latest tools provided by online job sites. LinkedIn offers filters for companies to highlight remote, hybrid, or on-site roles, plus detailed COVID safety policies. Indeed’s service automatically screens candidates, matches them to employers, and sets up free video interviews. Candidates get reminders and interview prep materials sent automatically. ZipRecruiter matches candidates to job postings and rates them based on fit. Employers can then invite them to apply.

Best of luck in your recruiting efforts!