Book Review: Marketing Made Simple

One of the most impactful marketing books I read in the past decade was Building a Storebrand by Donald Miller. This WSJ best-selling book helped me better understand how to communicate a company’s brand through storytelling.

That being said, it was with great anticipation that I ordered Miller’s latest book, Marketing Made Simple, and it did not disappoint. This book provides the reader with a five-part checklist for creating and implementing a sales funnel that will increase your client prospect traffic and drive sales.

The book starts off by describing the three stages of a customer relationship: Curiosity, Enlightenment, and Commitment. Each stage carries both the opportunity to further engage a prospective customer and the threat of losing that same prospect. The author provides specific strategies for engaging the prospect in each stage and facilitating their movement in this sales journey. Where are you losing your prospective customers?

Included with the book is access to a digital tool that the reader can download and reference while reading. This makes for a very hands-on approach to digesting the book’s content.

I found this book very helpful in taking my “story” and incorporating it into a more efficient and successful sales and marketing process.

I highly recommend this book to any small business owner looking to drive better results from their marketing efforts in 2022.