When, Why, and How to Market Your Business with Jennifer Koon

Jennifer Koon is a Marketing Communications Professional with more than 25 years of corporate and agency-side experience with firms big and small. In 2001, Jennifer founded Michael Mackenzie Communications which develops and manages marketing and public relations programs for growing technology firms and professional service providers. Clients include Managed IT solution providers, law firms, CPA firms, HR & financial consultancies, and other services organizations with complex sales.

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LinkedIn: Jenifer Koon


Show Notes:

In this episode, Tim and Taylor sit down with Jennifer Koon to discuss the importance of knowing when, why, and how to invest in marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and understanding your unique sales proposition.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to Small Business [0:02:59] • Key Milestones [0:04:18] • Role Within the Agency [0:05:12] • Impatience as a Strength and a Weakness [0:06:47] • Understanding Value Proposition [0:07:56] • Identifying Your Value Proposition [0:09:14] • When to invest in Marketing [0:13:28] • Creating a Marketing Campaign [0:14:53] • Marketing Automation [0:17:30] • Referral Marketing Program [0:20:18] • What Works & What Doesn’t [0:22:47] • Rapid Fire [0:26:27] • Take Aways [0:31:25] • Contact Information [0:32:24]