Veronica Maldonado-Torres on Core Values, the Ability to Pivot, and a Spotify Debut

As the Founder and CEO of VMT Consulting, Veronica Maldonado-Torres empowers leaders and businesses to thrive. A small business champion and supplier diversity advocate, Veronica is a catalyst of growth for both small businesses and large corporations, bringing thought-leadership and innovation to the supplier development space. Veronica excels at building strategic alliances and fostering win-win relationships between small businesses and corporate America.

For over a decade, she has successfully guided the development and growth of more than 150 firms across multiple industries ranging from $1M-$100M in annual revenue. In addition to a seasoned business strategy consultant, Veronica is also a well-respected trainer and speaker.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Veronica Maldonado-Torres shares her passion for small business and the family history behind it. She discusses the opportunities and challenges today’s economy presents to the Hispanic business owners, the risks exposure all small businesses face, and how to navigate your business during COVID-19. Veronica also stresses the business leader’s role as both shepherd and cheerleader.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to Small Business [0:02:53] • A Passion for Small Business [0:03:34] • Building a Client Base [0:10:47] • Risk Exposure [0:14:42] • Typical Client Engagement [0:17:03] • Challenges and Opp Hispanic Businesses Face [0:20:37] • Best and Worst Mistakes [0:23:15] • Navigating through COVID-19 [26:35] • Rapid Fire [035:54] • Takeaways [0:20:45] • Contact Info [0:42:22]