John Hightower on Flipping the Organizational Chart

An entrepreneur focused on creating value for clients and shareholders, John Hightower is also a 16 year consulting veteran with a tenacious approach to “roll-up-the-sleeves” and optimize results. John thrives by creating solutions in fast-paced, inter-departmental projects, and innovative/disruptive product sets. In 2017, he co-founded Arch + Tower, an FD Company that helps businesses win in the Experience Economy.

Contact Information:

LinkedIn: John Hightower




Show Notes:

In this episode, John Hightower discusses the concept of leading with a servant mentality and flipping the organizational chart in order to improve the customer experience.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to Small Business [0:02:34]
• Career Highlights [0:03:39]
• Pirates, Paddlers, and Passengers [0:06:20]
• The Impact of Remote Work [0:08:30]
• The Lagging Indicator [0:11:18]
• Employee Exp. Drives Customer Exp. [0:13:10]
• Is the Customer Right? [0:15:18]
• Achieving a Customer Focused Culture [017:19]
• Best Mistakes [0:19:59]
• Advice for Small Business Owner [0:23:33]
• Latest Read: “Death by Meeting” [0:27:06]
• Favorite Leaders [0:30:16]
• Importance of Self Care [0:31:30]
• School Traditions [0:33:03]
• Contact Info [0:34:57]