Helping Small Businesses Make Money with Jeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham works with entrepreneurs and visionaries to help them design and achieve ambitious deals and build and sell profitable companies. He created a business model for developing a Proactive Legal Plan™ to make the legal relationship predictable, efficient, and affordable for businesses who watch their cash flow first.

A Partner at Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP, Jeff coordinates the legal and compliance operations for entrepreneurs, newly formed enterprises, emerging growth, and established, growing companies, allowing them to focus on the things that they do to make money. Jeff earned a Juris Doctor degree from Georgia State University College of Law, an MBA from Georgia State University, and a BS in Economics from Vanderbilt University.


Contact Information:


Phone: 404.630.1755


Show Notes:

Jeff Cunningham joins Tim and Taylor to talk about his 20+ year career helping small business owners focus on their businesses and avoid legal mistakes. Jeff discusses the role of an attorney as a strategist, COVID’s impact on small businesses, the value of a peer group, and the current trends in mergers and acquisitions.

In this Episode:

• What Matters Most to Small Business [0:01:57] • Common Challenges for Small Businesses [0:03:00] • Traits of an Entrepreneur [0:05:38] • Role with Small Business Clients [0:08:04] • A Unique Business Model [0:11:36] • Small Business Legal Mistakes [0:13:46] • Marketing a Law Firm [0:15:01] • COVID from a Legal Point of View [0:17:03] • Leveraging Peer Groups [0:19:20] • The 2020 Mergers & Acquisitions Market [0:20:54] • Strategies for Acquisitions [0:25:04] • Rapid Fire [0:26:29] • Contact Information [0:32:21] • Take Aways [0:32:58]