Founding Vistage, the Changing Role of CEOs, and great BBQ with Bud Carter

Radio disk jockey turned business owner and Vistage Founder, Bud Carter has had a successful and colorful career. Arriving in Atlanta during the 80s, Bud was the owner and general manager of a corporate outplacement company. He was also the founder of Vistage Georgia (known then as TEC) and became the first Vistage Chair in Atlanta in 1987. Thirty years later, Bud still chairs his two original Vistage groups. Bud has served on 11 private and publicly listed company boards, and is the author of “Pithy Business Quotes” available on Amazon.



Show Notes:

In this episode of Small Business Matters The Podcast, Bud Carter shares his insights and experience gained as the original founder and 30 year Vistage Atlanta Chair. From the role of the Small Business CEO, to the growing complexities and demands on businesses today, Bud’s speaks to the changes he’s seen in workplace culture, products and services, and managing the workforce. Always entertaining, Bud also shares his affinity for BBQ, good jazz, and the Atlanta Braves.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to SB [0:02:30] • Founding Vistage [0:03:00] • The Role of Vistage Chair [0:04:14] • Changing Role of CEOs [0:05:49] • Mistakes of Today’s CEOs [0:07:59] • Improvements in SB Management [0:09:45] • Career Diversity [0:11:55] • “Pithy Business Quotes” [0:13:20] • Proudest Moment [0:16:39] • Unusual Vistage Meetings [0:17:31] • An Early Love of Radio [0:19:25] • Rapid Fire [0:20:03] • Takeaways [0:28:26]