Earning Referrals, Understanding Buzz, and Blue Skies with Steve Beecham

President of Home Town Mortgage in Alpharetta, GA, Steve Beecham is also an author and popular keynote, Vistage, and motivational speaker in greater Atlanta. Never afraid to start a new business, Steve began his entrepreneurial career in retail as the owner of a men’s and women’s clothing store. Over the years, Steve honed his personal skills in the areas of sales, client relations, and business management. Today, he shares his techniques for helping companies and individuals succeed in business through networking and leveraging their social connections.


Show Notes:

In this episode of Small Business Matters the Podcast, Steve Beecham stops by to talk about his system for increasing sales, without hustling business. Selling in the village, as Steve describes it, is based on earning referrals and depends largely on understanding the way others see you and your business. Steve also shares two important rules for getting where you want to go in business, along with the worst and best business mistake he ever made. Oddly enough, they’re one and the same.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to SB [0:01:42] • Getting Started [0:02:48] • Best Advice Received [0:05:30] • Buzz [0:08:18] • Creating Positive Buzz [0:14:10] • Spin & Drip [0:15:32] • Overcoming Negative Buzz [0:18:33] • Best & Worst Mistakes Made [0:20:41] • Referral Strategy [0:23:11] • Rapid Fire [0:26:00] • Takeaways [0:27:50]