Book Review: The Future Leader

Will the leader of the next decade be much different than the leader of today? If so, how different? These are the two questions that author Jacob Morgan sought to answer in his new book The Future Leader.

In order to answer these two questions, the author interviewed over 140 CEOs around the world from companies such as Audi, Mastercard, Oracle, Best Buy, and many others. He also teamed up with LinkedIn to survey almost 14,000 business leaders around the world. This resulted in a highly accurate, global picture of leadership today and in the future.

One of the key takeaways from the research is the fact that most leaders around the world believe they are far better prepared for the future than they really are. There is a significant gap between their current set of leadership skills and the skills they will need to be successful going forward.

The book explores the following key questions:

  • What are the top trends shaping the future of leadership?
  • What are the greatest challenges leaders must be prepared to overcome?
  • What skills and mindsets must leaders of the future possess to be successful?
  • What steps should one take to become a future-ready leader?


Bestselling author Jacob Morgan is one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, the future of work, and employee experience. He has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Disney, and IBM. Morgan has also been featured in a number of publications such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review.

In the book, Morgan describes “Four Mindsets” of the future leader. They include The Explorer, The Chef, The Servant, and the Global Citizen. He also identifies “Five Skills” as critical for the future leader. They include The Futurist, The Yoda, The Translator, The Coach, and The Technology Teenager. It’s up to the reader to comprehend these nine factors and determine their fit for future leadership.

This is a great book on leadership. It contains an enormous amount of research and data on the current state of leadership in the world and future challenges. I strongly recommend this book to every small business leader.