Book Review: Love + Work

Love + Work by Marcus Buckingham is a refreshing departure from traditional business literature. In this insightful book, Buckingham beautifully explores the intersection of love and work, challenging conventional wisdom and offering a new perspective on how to thrive in both areas. Drawing on his extensive research and personal experiences, Buckingham argues that love is not just a personal matter, but a powerful force that drives success in business.

He emphasizes the importance of fostering meaningful connections, embracing vulnerability, and prioritizing human relationships in the workplace. Through compelling stories and practical advice, Buckingham inspires small business owners to cultivate a culture of love and empathy, ultimately leading to greater fulfillment and productivity.

What do you “Love” about your work? Buckingham cites a Mayo Clinic research study that found that business leaders need to spend at lost 20% of their time daily on those activities that they love doing. Is it interacting with clients? Strategizing new plans for the future? Coaching key employees? Are you spending at least 20% of your time daily on these activities?

“Love + Work” is a must-read for any small business leader seeking to create a more compassionate and purpose-driven business environment.

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