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Social Media Explained

Much like many other technological trends, I am behind the times with regards to social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I find myself scratching my head at all of the hoopla. 

After speaking with many other small business owners, I was surprised to find that I was not alone. Therefore, I have attempted to describe social media the only way I know how: through food. 

Below is a conversation I recently had with my son who, ironically, manages all of my social media accounts. 

“Taylor, please explain all of this social media to me. It’s terribly confusing.”

“Dad, we have been through this before.”

“I know. I am still very confused. Where should I start?”

“Okay. Last time. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I could possibly be. Let’s go.”

“Dad, what’s your favorite food?

“Great topic. Not sure it’s relevant.”

“Work with me. What’s your favorite food?”

“Okay. There’s nothing like a great cheeseburger. Medium done. Onions, lettuce, pickles, and..”

“Dad, that’s enough. I get the picture. Let’s start with Twitter.”

“Taylor, what does a bird have to do with my burger?”

“Twitter is a very popular social media channel and you would use it to say…”

I’m eating a cheeseburger

“Taylor, that was easy. What’s next?”


“Isn’t that just for kids and bored housewives?”

“Not at all dad. It’s become increasingly popular with businesses large and small. You would use Facebook to say…”

I like cheeseburgers.

“Taylor, this is much easier than I thought. Are we done?”

“Not yet dad. Now let’s use Foursquare.”

“The same game we played as kids in school with a ball and four squares?”

“Not at all. This is also a very popular venue for social media as it allows us to share our location and check on the location of others. On Foursquare you would say…”

This is where I eat cheeseburgers.

“Do I have to tell people that? I am sort of embarrassed about that.”

“Your choice dad. That’s what’s great about using social media. You have lots of options of how and when to use it. Let’s now shift our attention to Instagram.”


“Dad, stay focused. Instagram. Great website for posting pictures and graphics. On Instagram you would say…”

Here’s a vintage photo of my cheeseburger.

“Does anyone really want to see that?

“You would be surprised. Now it’s time for YouTube.”

“Me tube? I don’t think so.”

“No dad. It’s called YouTube. Great website to post and watch videos. Companies are using it to promote their products, show customer testimonials, and even to demonstrate how to use or possibly repair a product. On You Tube you would say…”

Here I am eating a cheeseburger.

“Taylor, are we done now?”

“Not yet dad. Two more to go. Let’s start with Linked In. I am sure you know this one.”

“Know it? I get email requests every day for that site. What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that Linked In is a great way to connect with your professional network and gain access to those outside of your network thru your connections. Great tool for market research, prospecting, and staying connected. On Linked In you would say…”

My skills include cheeseburger eating.

“I have more skills than that.”

“I know dad. It’s just an example. Last one is Pinterest.”

“Sounds like a Himalayan mountain. Are we still on social media?”

“Pinterest is a very popular website for posting and organizing those things we enjoy like recipes, favorite quotes, directions, etc. On Pinterest you would say…”

Here’s a cheeseburger recipe.

“Now there’s something I am very interested in. Are we done Taylor?”

“Yes we are. Do you now have a better understanding of Social Media?”

“I do and I am also very hungry. How about Five Guys? My treat.”

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Wealth and Happiness

One of the most popular speakers at the Small Business Matters Conference last May was David Geller.  David is the CEO at GV Financial Advisors. They are one of Atlanta’s top financial planning firms.

David is not only one of Atlanta’s top financial planners but he is also a student of life. More specifically Happiness. He has worked hard to better understand the connection between wealth and happiness. I am confident that if you hear him speak or read his book you will find his perspective on this topic both very interesting and different than what you would expect to hear from a financial professional.

David’s book, “Wealth & Happiness”, is a fable about Joe and his journey over one year from misery to happiness. As I read about Joe I realized that this story could have been written about any one of us and the struggles we experience attempting to balance work, family and above all else our own personal happiness. Joe’s wife leaves him, he gets disconnected from his two kids, he struggles at work, and his health deteriates badly. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, Joe has a mentor Randy who helps him see what he is experiencing and how he might turn his life around one day at a time. Randy uses several effective tools during the course of the book that help Joe recognize the misalignment he has between all aspects of his life. These same tools are made available to the reader in the appendix to the book by the author.

One of the key takeaways from David Geller’s book is his definition of wealth. When I think of wealth I immediately think in monetary terms. Geller suggests that there are actually six elements of wealth: Money, Time, Talents, Body/Mind, Wisdom, & Networks. Each element contributes or reduces to our overall state of wealth and hence happiness. Now if I can just get my banker to accept this.

I enjoyed reading “Wealth & Happiness” and highly recommend it.