Sales Preparation, Professionalism, & Clowning Around with Adam Shapiro

Founder and President of SalesReformSchool™, Adam Shapiro helps individuals and companies improve sales performance by on-boarding or “in-boarding” customer-facing individuals, teams, and enterprises. Mostly, this means helping clients integrate brand and other marketing efforts into their sales conversations, tools, and processes. Adam earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia after graduating cum laude from the University of Texas in Austin with a B.A. in History. Adam made the unusual transition from attorney to sales executive to entrepreneur leveraging the “think around the corner” process he learned in law school.

Contact Information:

LinkedIn: Adam Shapiro

Phone: 404.798.8397




Show Notes:

Tim and Taylor welcome guest Adam Shapiro to discuss all things sales. Adam shares his insights on the marriage between marketing and sales, the difference between the challenge and the relationship salesperson, tips on hiring sales personnel, and the tension between effectively closing a sale and the sales quota.

In this Episode:

• What Matters Most to Small Business [0:02:34] • How is Professionalism Defined in Sales? [0:03:07] • The Marriage Between Marketing and Sales [0:05:02] • From Attorney to Sales Executive [0:07:25] • Thinking Around Corners [0:09:00] • Wearing the Sales Manager Hat [0:10:34] • How the Pandemic Affected Sales Management [0:13:23] • Sales in a Virtual World [0:15:54] • Relationship Sales During a Crisis [0:18:06] • Hiring Salespeople [0:19:55] • QB Review with Your Best Customers [0:23:36] • The Great Conductor [0:326:40] • The Appropriate Close vs. the Sales Quota [0:29:27] • Clowning Around for CHOA [0:32:52] • Rapid Fire [0:35:18] • Contact Information [0:41:54] • Take Aways [0:42:16]