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It was a “Happy” Conference

As nearly 200 guests at this year’s Small Business MattersConference made their way into the hall, they heard these happy, if less than grammatical, lyrics by from the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” — “Can’t nothing bring me down, My level’s too high.”

And what a high it was throughout the day. So many of you who were there have told me how energizing the sessions were. I know it was an inspiring opportunity for me to do what I do best — help small businesses grow and prosper.

The theme was “Happiness,” a serious and essential characteristic of successful businesses. What’s happy?  More productive. More resilient. Less burnout. Less turnover. It’s a long list.

A dozen speakers showed the way with their own definitions of “happy.” Innovation? Bruno Francois described his happiness at getting capital and mentors on “Shark Tank.” Fitness? Dean Rosson told us how to put nutrition and exercise into our work. Doing what you love? Ted Dennard of Savannah Bee Co. shared his path.

Guest came from around the country to participate in the 2014 Small Business Conference at the Cobb Galleria Centre, made possible by generous investments from 12 sponsors. 

Speaking of our sponsors, they all collaborated on a video for the conference on The Top Ten Reasons Why Small Business Matters.Watch the video below.  

After last year’s initial conference, I worried it would be an impossible act to follow. But with the help of many, we succeeded beyond expectations. Our guests agreed. It was an exciting day.

And it will happen again next year: May 15, 2015. See you there.

Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But 
creating trust and safety – especially in an uneven economy – means taking on big responsibility. 

This is Simon Sinek’s newest TED talk and it is very thought-provoking. What do you do to make your people feel safe? Build trust?