How the SBDC Can Help Your Small Business with Allan Adams

In this episode, Allan Adams joins Tim and Taylor to discuss how the SBDC can help your small business, minimizing the risk of failure, serving over 20,000 small businesses during the pandemic, and the role luck plays in small business success.

Allan Adams has been the State Director for the Small Business Development Center at the University of Georgia for over 16 years. Prior to becoming the Director, Allan held various positions for the SBDC. In addition, Allan served as an Aid in both the U.S. House and Senate. Allan earned a degree in Political Science from UGA and an MBA from Brenau University in Atlanta and has been a friend of Tim’s for 20 years.

Contact Information:

To find the Georgia SBDC office nearest you, google Small Business Development Center of Georgia offices or contact your local Chamber of Commerce.


Key Points In this Episode:

• What Matters to Small Business [0:02:13] • How the SBDC Can Help Your Business [0:03:11] • Funding and State Partnerships [0:06:14] • Diagnosing Small Business Problems [0:08:20] • Minimizing the Risk of Failure [0:10:57] • Luck Plays a Role [0:12:48] • The Impact of the Pandemic [0:14:13] • Post Pandemic Landscape [0:17:16] • Leadership Role within the SBDC [0:19:49] • SBDC Business Consultants [0:22:12] • Best Advice for Small Business Owners [0:24:10] • Returning to Washington [0:25:38] • Rapid Fire [0:28:00] • Contact Information [0:31:00] • Take Aways [0:31:46]