Dr. Mary Ritz on Leadership, Team Management, and Understanding Your Biggest Asset

Mary Ritz, Ph.D. discovered her ability and desire to teach at a young age. Years later, she combined these skills with her keen insight into customer service and an engaging business coach emerged. Today, Dr. Ritz is known as a dynamic leader, speaker, facilitator, and consultant. She has enjoyed repeated success guiding strategy development, business performance improvement, and teambuilding for customer-centric operations in various industries including financial services, communications, retail, hospitality, and consulting.

A highly organized manager and coach, Dr. Ritz has the ability to quickly assess an organization’s needs and provide the tools to resolve difficulties, enhance learning, and improve performance. She is the founder and owner of Almenta International and holds a Ph.D. in Business with a focus on Customer Centricity.

Contact Information: 

Phone: 407.572.2355

Email: mary.ritz@almentainternational.net

In this episode, Tim and Taylor welcome Dr. Mary Ritz to discuss the importance of customer service, investing in your people, and essential, ongoing professional development. Dr. Ritz also shares how to best take care of your organization’s biggest asset: Your Customer.

Key Points in this Episode:

• Contributions to Small Business [0:03:01] • Leadership [0:04:06] • The Need for Profesional Development [0:04:57] • Feeding Your Team [0:06:14] • The Path [0:07:55] • Embracing Challenge and Expanding Your Vision [0:10:21] • Favorite Mistakes [0:12:56] • Our Customers are Our Biggest Asset: [15:01] • Universal Leadership Debate [017:32] • SBM Mastermind Group [0:20:18] • Rapid Fire [0:21:54] • Once Quarantine Ends [0:24:48] • Contact Info [0:25:37] • Takeaways [0:26:17] • What’s happening at SBM [0:27:20]