Book Review: Key Performance Indicators for Dummies

I believe that one of the most important roles for the CEO of a small company is that of “scorekeeper”. You are responsible for making sure score is being kept in your business and that those key numbers are being communicated to the right people. How do we know which numbers to keep track of? “Key Performance Indicators For Dummies”, written by Bernard Marr, is one of the best and most exhaustive resources on tracking Read more about Book Review: Key Performance Indicators for Dummies[…]

Book Review: Are You Fully Charged?

Do you find there are certain days you feel more energized than others? Are those days becoming fewer and fewer? Best-selling author Tom Rath’s new book explores this issue and provides the three keys to energizing your work and your life. Tom Rath is Gallup researcher who studies the role of human behavior in business, health, and well-being. He has five NY Times best-sellers including “StrengthFinder 2.0” and more recently “WellBeing”, which is one of my Read more about Book Review: Are You Fully Charged?[…]

The Myths and Realities of Entrepreneurship

OCTOBER FEATURED ARTICLE The Myths and Realities of Entrepreneurship I have spoken to and worked with thousands of small business owners. In doing so, I have found that there are a number of myths about entrepreneurship. Now is a good time to dispel these myths and discover the realities of starting and growing a small business. Myth #1: Most small businesses are started by entrepreneurs. Reality: Most small businesses (over 90%) are started by technicians. Read more about The Myths and Realities of Entrepreneurship[…]

Should You Fire Your Cheerleader

SEPTEMBER FEATURED ARTICLE Should You Fire Your Cheerleader? It depends. A year ago I wrote an article about Terrorists. You may recall that according to the Welch Grid, a terrorist employee gives you above average performance and below average behavior. The question then was whether they should be fired. The easy answer was “of course”. The reality is it’s typically a very tough decision and even more difficult to execute. The decision on a “cheerleader” Read more about Should You Fire Your Cheerleader[…]

It’s Time to Eliminate Employee Schedules

AUGUST FEATURED ARTICLE It’s Time to Eliminate Employee Schedules Here are two conversations that I have had recently. The first was with my youngest son, Carter, earlier in the summer. “Dad, I love my new job.” “That’s great Carter. What are you doing?” “The job is with a financial services company, and I have an administrative project that I am working on. My job is to work my way through a room full of loan Read more about It’s Time to Eliminate Employee Schedules[…]

Are You Experienced?

JUNE FEATURED ARTICLE Are You Experienced? “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology, not the other way around.”- Steve Jobs There are many reasons why Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world: first class technology, savvy marketing, sleek design. But each of these business components comes from one simple idea. Create and maintain an unrivaled customer experience. Do everything with the customer in mind. Read more about Are You Experienced?[…]

Embrace Your Enemies

MAY FEATURED ARTICLE Embrace Your Enemies  “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” President Abe Lincoln said this in response to an elderly lady who had chastised him for not calling Southerners, who he had referred to as fellow human beings who were in error, irreconcilable enemies who must be destroyed. I have always been highly competitive. Growing up playing a variety of sports, I loved to win. Starting with little Read more about Embrace Your Enemies[…]

Take a Month Off

APRIL FEATURED ARTICLE Take a Month Off This is what I am suggesting to all of my members this year. Shocked? Don’t be. It may be the best advice you receive all month. “You try it,” you say. I have. This will be my fourth year. One of the best business and personal decisions I have ever made. Why should you consider taking a month off this year? Here are three good reasons. #1. You need Read more about Take a Month Off[…]

Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting

MARCH FEATURED ARTICLE Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting On May 15th I am hosting my third annual Small Business Matters Conference. This is a tribal meeting. Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests in his best-selling book “Tribes” that we are all chief of our own “Tribe”. My tribe includes Vistage members, GrowSmart participants, colleagues, and friends. Who are the members of your tribe? Why a meeting? One might think in today’s world of instant and Read more about Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting[…]

Top 10 Marketing Best Practices from GrowSmart Part II

FEBRUARY FEATURED ARTICLE Top 10 Marketing Best Practices from GrowSmart Last month I gave you the first five Marketing Best Practices from the GrowSmart program. See below as a reminder. Did you implement at least one practice this past month? I have also provided the next five best practices for you below. I urge you to commit to implementing at least one new practice in the next month. #1. Event Marketing. #2. Free Demo. #3. Offer Read more about Top 10 Marketing Best Practices from GrowSmart Part II[…]