Why Don’t the Atlanta Braves Have a Labor Shortage?

It seems like almost every small business owner I talk to is struggling to find help. I go to local restaurants that are short-staffed. I see stores with signs on the windows asking for help. Service trucks with “help wanted” signs on the back door. Despite inflationary economic pressure and an apparent recession in place, Read more about Why Don’t the Atlanta Braves Have a Labor Shortage?[…]

Is Your Company a Pool or a Stream?

The following article was shared with me by Vistage speaker Dr. Balaji Krishnamurphy. It is a masterpiece on organizational culture. In a world of a “Great Resignation” and a pending economic recession, managing a strong company culture is quite necessary. Inherent in that strategy is to be very intentional about what type of culture you Read more about Is Your Company a Pool or a Stream?[…]

What are Your Team’s Chances of Winning This Year?

Imagine you are coaching 11 people on a soccer team, and only four of your players know which goal they are aiming toward. Only two of your players care about which goal is yours. Only two players know their position and how it relates to the team overall. Only two players really trust the coaches Read more about What are Your Team’s Chances of Winning This Year?[…]

It’s Showtime! Characteristics of Great Leaders

Quick. Think of your favorite actor or actress. He or she could be from television, movies or the stage. Alive or not. When you think of that amazing artist, what characteristics come to mind of that person? What distinguishes him or her as a performer? How would you describe them as an actor? Typical responses Read more about It’s Showtime! Characteristics of Great Leaders[…]

Book Review: Marketing Made Simple

One of the most impactful marketing books I read in the past decade was Building a Storebrand by Donald Miller. This WSJ best-selling book helped me better understand how to communicate a company’s brand through storytelling. That being said, it was with great anticipation that I ordered Miller’s latest book, Marketing Made Simple, and it Read more about Book Review: Marketing Made Simple[…]