a tale of two owners book review

Book Review: A Tale of Two Owners

“A Tale of Two Owners”, by Patrick Ungashick Many of my Vistage members and consulting clients have business partners. It seems really easy in the beginning to team up with a best friend, an old college roommate, or maybe even a family member. You have shared responsibilities. Each of you invest some amount of time and money into the new business. It’s fun. And then it happens. It’s hard to predict exactly when, but there Read more about Book Review: A Tale of Two Owners[…]

indirect competitors

Indirect Competitors: Do You Really Know Who Your Competitors Are?

My story, as it relates to indirect competitors, started over 20 years ago, while I was operating a small retail travel agency in Homestead, FL. It was a tough business to make money in, but the perks and free travel were great. Our clients were both business travelers as well as individuals taking personal vacations. One day a good client of ours, Bob Duncan, came walking into the agency and announced that he was planning to take Read more about Indirect Competitors: Do You Really Know Who Your Competitors Are?[…]


Book Review: How to Be a Great Boss

My first “great boss” was my dad. I worked for him every summer while I was in college. He was as tough on me as he was on anyone else. When I wanted to work inside the nice cool office, he instead put me outside in the warehouse which was like a poor man’s sauna during those hot summer months in South Florida. That work experience was both humbling and a great learning environment. I Read more about Book Review: How to Be a Great Boss[…]

carlson management philosophy

The Carlson Management Philosophy

“Managers are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings, attitude, morale, performance, or behavior of any employee. These are all things managers cannot control… Your responsibility is to facilitate employee behavior and performance. You are expected to create an environment that fosters the employee behavior and performance that your organization requires. You then hold employees accountable for their own behavior and performance.” – Carlson Company Over twenty years ago, in one of my first consulting engagements, Read more about The Carlson Management Philosophy[…]

book review-thank you for being late

Book Review: Thank You For Being Late

It’s easy to feel very stressed or even depressed over what’s going on in the world today. Highly partisan politics. Hate crimes. Unemployment. Wars on multiple continents. Climate change. And the list goes on… There is one author that helps me the most from time-to-time make sense of this crazy world we live in. He is Thomas L. Friedman. It started with his best-seller “The World is Flat”. Continued with “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”. And Read more about Book Review: Thank You For Being Late[…]

How Much is Your Hot Sauce?

Do you remember the game show “The Price is Right”? Show participants were asked to guess the price of certain retail products. The closer they guessed to the actual sales price, the greater their chances to win prizes. Fun game to play and watch. I like to simulate this game in the SBDC GrowSmart classes I facilitate when we talk about pricing. I will ask for a volunteer and then ask the following questions: “Average Read more about How Much is Your Hot Sauce?[…]

Book Review: Confessions of the Pricing Man

There are thousands of marketing books written every year. Topics include the use of social media, advertising, sales, and so on. Try to find a book on pricing. There are very few. And yet, pricing may be the most powerful marketing tool of them all… and perhaps the least understood by many. Hermann Simon is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on pricing strategy. A visiting professor at Harvard Business School, London Business School, Read more about Book Review: Confessions of the Pricing Man[…]

6 Fearless 2017 Small Business Predictions

It seems to becoming harder and harder to predict each year what will happen next. Whether it’s politics, the economy, or even sports (see Falcons, Cubs, Villanova, Roger Federer, et al); guessing the future of anything is not getting any easier. With that said, here are my fearless predictions for small business in 2017. I am willing, maybe even hoping, to be wrong on any of these forecasts. I am also interested in what you Read more about 6 Fearless 2017 Small Business Predictions[…]

the power of habit book review

Book Review: The Power of Habit

I loved “The Power of Habit”. Have you ever wondered how habits are created? Brushing our teeth. Watching our favorite television show. Attending a business meeting and always sitting in the same chair. These are all examples of habits that are developed over time. Where do they come from? Award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg researched all of the science on habits and shares his discoveries in a narrative format in his best-selling book “The Power Read more about Book Review: The Power of Habit[…]

Ten Years Later: A Look Back at My 2007 Small Business Predictions

This is the time of year that everyone makes predictions for 2017. Ten years ago, I made nine small business predictions for the year 2007. Some were way off, some were dead on, and some are still trending today. 2007 Small Business Predictions 1. Small business owners will continue to shift larger portions of their payroll to pay-for-performance. While this has been traditionally true for employees in sales positions or senior management, I believe we Read more about Ten Years Later: A Look Back at My 2007 Small Business Predictions[…]