The Onside Kick

It’s football season (finally!) and what better time to share one of my favorite football parables. I first read this story on the back cover of the Wall Street Journal in the early 1980’s. Enjoy!   The cheerleaders were turning triple flips. The bands were breaking the sound barrier. The 102,000 fans were roaring. Football Read more about The Onside Kick[…]

Is Your Company the Cosbys or the Red Sox?

I first published this article over five years ago. It quickly became one of the most popular articles I have ever written and one of my personal favorites as well.  Enjoy! Your organizational culture has a dramatic impact on your success as a small business. Most new businesses start off with a family-like culture. Everyone Read more about Is Your Company the Cosbys or the Red Sox?[…]

Today’s Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Let’s face it. Marketing is hard. Great marketing takes time, focus, dedication, money, and a cohesive strategy. You have to know your audience insanely well and have the right team in place that can execute, move quickly, and think creatively. To complicate the process even more, great marketing doesn’t have a specific, one-size-fits-all formula. It’s Read more about Today’s Small Business Marketing Mistakes[…]

Three Questions You Must Ask Before You Fire Your Next Employee

In my executive coaching practice, one of the most frequent questions I encounter is, “Tim, do you think I should fire ________?” It is typically an employee who is either not performing (a cheerleader), has a bad attitude (a terrorist), or both (deadwood). My best response to that question is to propose the following three (3) questions: Read more about Three Questions You Must Ask Before You Fire Your Next Employee[…]

Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting

On May 17, I am hosting the 5th annual Small Business Matters Conference. This is a tribal meeting. Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests in his best-selling book Tribes that we are all the chief of our own “Tribe”. My tribe includes past Vistage members, GrowSmart graduates, colleagues, and friends. Who are the members of your tribe? Read more about Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting[…]

Book Review: The Book of Beautiful Questions

I love hearing and asking great questions. It has been a journey of mine for the past 15 years. During this time, I have found several great books on questioning, and bestselling author Warren Berger’s latest book, The Book of Beautiful Questions, is no exception. Berger’s first book, A More Beautiful Question, set the stage for Read more about Book Review: The Book of Beautiful Questions[…]