Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting

On May 17, I am hosting the 5th annual Small Business Matters Conference. This is a tribal meeting. Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests in his best-selling book Tribes that we are all the chief of our own “Tribe”. My tribe includes past Vistage members, GrowSmart graduates, colleagues, and friends. Who are the members of your tribe? Why a meeting? One might think in today’s world of instant and digital communication there would be less of a Read more about Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting[…]

Book Review: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

I joined a book club back in January and Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport was our book selection for March. I was excited about the choice because I remember reading Newport’s last best-selling book, Deep Work, and was anxious to read his most current work. I was not disappointed. Newport’s latest book is a real eye-opener on the impact our digital devices have on us as business leaders, as parents, and in our social relationships. Read more about Book Review: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport[…]

Book Review: The Book of Beautiful Questions

I love hearing and asking great questions. It has been a journey of mine for the past 15 years. During this time, I have found several great books on questioning, and bestselling author Warren Berger’s latest book, The Book of Beautiful Questions, is no exception. Berger’s first book, A More Beautiful Question, set the stage for the author as he studied hundreds of the world’s foremost innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers to learn how they ask Read more about Book Review: The Book of Beautiful Questions[…]

Characteristics of Great Leaders

It’s Showtime! Characteristics of Great Leaders

Quick. Think of your favorite actor or actress. He or she could be from television, movies or the stage. Alive or not. When you think of that amazing artist, what characteristics come to mind of that person? What distinguishes them as a performer? How would you describe them as an actor? Typical responses include the following: they are genuine, flexible, very talented, hard-working, passionate, well-trained, fun, adaptive, effective communicators, and the list goes on. As you Read more about It’s Showtime! Characteristics of Great Leaders[…]

This is Marketing book review

Book Review: This is Marketing

“This Is Marketing”, written by Seth Godin Seth Godin is one of my favorite marketing gurus. He has a number of best-selling books, several great TED Talks, and a daily blog that attracts millions of followers. His most recent book, “This Is Marketing”, provides a most insightful overview of the state of marketing for businesses large and small. Here are just a few of my favorite takeaways from the book: Godin starts off the book Read more about Book Review: This is Marketing[…]

government shutdown hurting small businesses

How the U.S. Government Shutdown is Hurting Small Businesses

I was hoping that I was not going to have to write this article this month. I was looking forward to writing an upbeat and optimistic essay on what small businesses can expect in the new year. Instead, I find myself going crazy over the U.S. federal government shutdown. Not that it’s having much of a direct impact on my life but instead because of the huge impact it is having on small business in Read more about How the U.S. Government Shutdown is Hurting Small Businesses[…]

Book Review: Up the Organization

“Up the Organization”  written by Robert Townsend This was one of the first business books I read after graduating from college. It was very different than anything I had learned in business school. Robert Townsend was a very successful CEO at Avis Rent-A-Car prior to writing this NY Times Bestseller. The book continues today to top many “best business book” lists. Townsend’s brutally honest perspectives on leadership and management have stayed with me for a Read more about Book Review: Up the Organization[…]

My Last Lecture

Three years ago I announced that I would be retiring from Vistage in December 2018. Those three years have gone by way too fast. This month I will be saying goodbye to three Vistage groups that I have become very attached to over the course of the past sixteen years. I have great memories of my time as a Vistage Chair and made hundreds of friends. Things I’ll remember most include… the stressful discomfort prior Read more about My Last Lecture[…]

Leaders Eat Last book cover

Book Review: Leaders Eat Last

“Leaders Eat Last” written by Simon Sinek There is a war for talent in the United States today and many small businesses are finding themselves on the losing end of this conflict. Author Simon Sinek makes the case in his book “Leaders Eat Last” that it will be the companies with the best leaders that will attract the top talent in today’s workplace. Simon Sinek is a New York Times bestselling author and also appeared Read more about Book Review: Leaders Eat Last[…]

a dog named Moe

Buy a Dog

A year ago, I was stuck. I had two problems. First, I was not devoting enough of my time thinking strategically about my own business. Like many of my peers, I would wake up early in the morning and go right to my computer, checking emails, texts, sports scores, etc. All of the important stuff. Before I knew it, several hours would have passed and I am off to meetings for the rest of the Read more about Buy a Dog[…]