Book Review: The Book of Beautiful Questions

I love hearing and asking great questions. It has been a journey of mine for the past 15 years. During this time, I have found several great books on questioning, and bestselling author Warren Berger’s latest book, The Book of Beautiful Questions, is no exception. Berger’s first book, A More Beautiful Question, set the stage for the author as he studied hundreds of the world’s foremost innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers to learn how they ask Read more about Book Review: The Book of Beautiful Questions[…]

Characteristics of Great Leaders

It’s Showtime! Characteristics of Great Leaders

Quick. Think of your favorite actor or actress. He or she could be from television, movies or the stage. Alive or not. When you think of that amazing artist, what characteristics come to mind of that person? What distinguishes them as a performer? How would you describe them as an actor? Typical responses include the following: they are genuine, flexible, very talented, hard-working, passionate, well-trained, fun, adaptive, effective communicators, and the list goes on. As you Read more about It’s Showtime! Characteristics of Great Leaders[…]