This is Marketing book review

Book Review: This is Marketing

“This Is Marketing”, written by Seth Godin Seth Godin is one of my favorite marketing gurus. He has a number of best-selling books, several great TED Talks, and a daily blog that attracts millions of followers. His most recent book, “This Is Marketing”, provides a most insightful overview of the state of marketing for businesses large and small. Here are just a few of my favorite takeaways from the book: Godin starts off the book Read more about Book Review: This is Marketing[…]

government shutdown hurting small businesses

How the U.S. Government Shutdown is Hurting Small Businesses

I was hoping that I was not going to have to write this article this month. I was looking forward to writing an upbeat and optimistic essay on what small businesses can expect in the new year. Instead, I find myself going crazy over the U.S. federal government shutdown. Not that it’s having much of a direct impact on my life but instead because of the huge impact it is having on small business in Read more about How the U.S. Government Shutdown is Hurting Small Businesses[…]