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Book Review: Leaders Eat Last

“Leaders Eat Last” written by Simon Sinek There is a war for talent in the United States today and many small businesses are finding themselves on the losing end of this conflict. Author Simon Sinek makes the case in his book “Leaders Eat Last” that it will be the companies with the best leaders that will attract the top talent in today’s workplace. Simon Sinek is a New York Times bestselling author and also appeared Read more about Book Review: Leaders Eat Last[…]

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Buy a Dog

A year ago, I was stuck. I had two problems. First, I was not devoting enough of my time thinking strategically about my own business. Like many of my peers, I would wake up early in the morning and go right to my computer, checking emails, texts, sports scores, etc. All of the important stuff. Before I knew it, several hours would have passed and I am off to meetings for the rest of the Read more about Buy a Dog[…]