Book Review: Art of Gathering

Book Review: The Art of Gathering

Have you ever attended a bad meeting? Of course, you have. We all have. Maybe too many. As a meeting facilitator; I work hard to plan, host, and then evaluate meeting events. Most of my learning on this work has been experiential. Trial by fire. There are very few books written on how to facilitate a great meeting. Now there is at least one. “The Art of Gathering” is a great book on hosting any Read more about Book Review: The Art of Gathering[…]

60th Birthday List

20 Wishes for my 60th Birthday

I remember as a kid whenever my birthday rolled around family members would ask, “What do you want for your birthday?” I always had a long list. This past week I turned 60. No one asked what I wanted for my birthday. I believe they were all too busy commiserating me for surviving into the sixth decade. Hence I have put together my own birthday list. Twenty wishes, in fact. I would be happy to Read more about 20 Wishes for my 60th Birthday[…]