Microtrends Squared

Book Review: Microtrends Squared

“Microtrends Squared” by Mark Penn One of the toughest jobs for the small business owner is to look forward and try to determine what the future looks like. What are the trends that will impact my business, my customers, and my industry? Ten years ago, futurist Mark Penn wrote his first book, “Microtrends”, that highlighted dozens of counterintuitive trends that were just beginning to have an impact on all aspects of our lives. Many of Read more about Book Review: Microtrends Squared[…]

Should You Fire Your Cheerleader

Should You Fire Your Cheerleader?

It depends. A year ago I wrote an article about Terrorists. You may recall that according to the Welch Grid, a terrorist employee gives you above average job performance and below average employee behavior. The question then was whether they should be fired. The easy answer was “of course”. The reality is it’s typically a very tough decision and even more difficult to execute. The decision on a “cheerleader” is more interesting. The “cheerleader” employee Read more about Should You Fire Your Cheerleader?[…]