"Necessary Endings" Book Review

Book Review: Necessary Endings

“Necessary Endings”, written by Dr. Henry Cloud How hard is it to end something in your life? A home project? A personal relationship? A business? I always find it much easier to start things in my life than ending them. Starting new things often require minimal thought, come with some amount of anticipation, and will often eventually take the place of old things. Ending things in life is much harder. The decision to stop doing Read more about Book Review: Necessary Endings[…]

Small Business New Year's Resolutions

Small Business New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year that we make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. The most popular include weight loss, exercise, and being nicer to our in-laws, etc. What about your business? Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for your business for 2018? If not, here is a list of ten that I suggest for any business, large or small. Feel free to pick any one or all of these resolutions for your business. Read more about Small Business New Year’s Resolutions[…]