Book Review: Deep Work

How much time do you spend each day in a distraction-free state of mind? My guess is very little. Whether it’s the “noise” from family members or work colleagues, our cell phones pinging us with phone calls or texts, or the constant interruptions of your favorite social media; most of us live a very distracted life. And yet when I speak to small business owners what I hear is a desire for a quieter life. Read more about Book Review: Deep Work[…]

entrepreneurial bliss-mas

12 Days of Entrepreneurial Bliss-mas

The Twelve Days of Entrepreneurial Bliss-mas (You are welcome to sing along)   On the first day of Entrepreneurial Bliss-mas Small Business Matters sent to me; A Huge New Order from my best customer to start the new year (with a large upfront deposit)   On the second day of Entrepreneurial Bliss-mas Small Business Matters gave to me; 2 Great New Salespeople (one is never enough) and A Huge New Order   One the third Read more about 12 Days of Entrepreneurial Bliss-mas[…]

meeting mistakes to avoid

10 Meeting Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

When my youngest son was in elementary school he was asked by his teacher what his dad did for a living and his response was, “He goes to a lot of meetings.” This was actually a very accurate answer. This past year I have facilitated almost one hundred different meetings with group sizes from five to twenty-five people. One hour meetings to multi-day retreats. On-site and off-site meetings. Good meetings and not-so-good meetings. At the Read more about 10 Meeting Mistakes to Avoid in 2018[…]