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Book Review: Finish Big

“Finish Big”, written by Bo Burlingham There are very few good books on exit strategies for small business owners. I have reviewed several of them over the years with some of my favorites being “Dance in the End Zone” and “Built to Sell”. Best-selling author and INC Magazine editor Bo Burlingham has recently written a book, “Finish Big”, which focuses on exit strategies that small business owners will find helpful. His premise for the book Read more about Book Review: Finish Big[…]

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Revenue Per Employee: How to Avoid the Worst Hiring Mistake

When we think of bad hiring mistakes, we often zero-in on specific hires such as the sales guy who couldn’t sell or the accountant with math issues or even the customer service specialist with bad people skills. Those bad hires always tend to haunt us. Sometimes, they even prevent us from wanting to make future hires as we come to believe that we are unable to make good hiring choices, no matter what. My experience Read more about Revenue Per Employee: How to Avoid the Worst Hiring Mistake[…]