Book Review: How to Be a Great Boss

My first “great boss” was my dad. I worked for him every summer while I was in college. He was as tough on me as he was on anyone else. When I wanted to work inside the nice cool office, he instead put me outside in the warehouse which was like a poor man’s sauna during those hot summer months in South Florida. That work experience was both humbling and a great learning environment. I Read more about Book Review: How to Be a Great Boss[…]

carlson management philosophy

The Carlson Management Philosophy

“Managers are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings, attitude, morale, performance, or behavior of any employee. These are all things managers cannot control… Your responsibility is to facilitate employee behavior and performance. You are expected to create an environment that fosters the employee behavior and performance that your organization requires. You then hold employees accountable for their own behavior and performance.” – Carlson Company Over twenty years ago, in one of my first consulting engagements, Read more about The Carlson Management Philosophy[…]