book review-thank you for being late

Book Review: Thank You For Being Late

It’s easy to feel very stressed or even depressed over what’s going on in the world today. Highly partisan politics. Hate crimes. Unemployment. Wars on multiple continents. Climate change. And the list goes on… There is one author that helps me the most from time-to-time make sense of this crazy world we live in. He is Thomas L. Friedman. It started with his best-seller “The World is Flat”. Continued with “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”. And Read more about Book Review: Thank You For Being Late[…]

How Much is Your Hot Sauce?

Do you remember the game show “The Price is Right”? Show participants were asked to guess the price of certain retail products. The closer they guessed to the actual sales price, the greater their chances to win prizes. Fun game to play and watch. I like to simulate this game in the SBDC GrowSmart classes I facilitate when we talk about pricing. I will ask for a volunteer and then ask the following questions: “Average Read more about How Much is Your Hot Sauce?[…]