Book Review: Confessions of the Pricing Man

There are thousands of marketing books written every year. Topics include the use of social media, advertising, sales, and so on. Try to find a book on pricing. There are very few. And yet, pricing may be the most powerful marketing tool of them all… and perhaps the least understood by many. Hermann Simon is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on pricing strategy. A visiting professor at Harvard Business School, London Business School, Read more about Book Review: Confessions of the Pricing Man[…]

6 Fearless 2017 Small Business Predictions

It seems to becoming harder and harder to predict each year what will happen next. Whether it’s politics, the economy, or even sports (see Falcons, Cubs, Villanova, Roger Federer, et al); guessing the future of anything is not getting any easier. With that said, here are my fearless predictions for small business in 2017. I am willing, maybe even hoping, to be wrong on any of these forecasts. I am also interested in what you Read more about 6 Fearless 2017 Small Business Predictions[…]