the power of habit book review

Book Review: The Power of Habit

I loved “The Power of Habit”. Have you ever wondered how habits are created? Brushing our teeth. Watching our favorite television show. Attending a business meeting and always sitting in the same chair. These are all examples of habits that are developed over time. Where do they come from? Award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg researched all of the science on habits and shares his discoveries in a narrative format in his best-selling book “The Power Read more about Book Review: The Power of Habit[…]

Ten Years Later: A Look Back at My 2007 Small Business Predictions

This is the time of year that everyone makes predictions for 2017. Ten years ago, I made nine small business predictions for the year 2007. Some were way off, some were dead on, and some are still trending today. 2007 Small Business Predictions 1. Small business owners will continue to shift larger portions of their payroll to pay-for-performance. While this has been traditionally true for employees in sales positions or senior management, I believe we Read more about Ten Years Later: A Look Back at My 2007 Small Business Predictions[…]