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Book Review: Punished by Rewards

“Punished By Rewards” by Alfie Kohn For many years I have been a believer in rewards. Rewards for kids for doing their household chores. Rewards for students that perform in the classroom. Rewards for employees doing their jobs. I always believed that you “get what you reward”. Until now…”Punished by Rewards”, written by Alfie Kohn, Read more about Book Review: Punished by Rewards[…]

A Reduction in Force Will Test Your Company’s Culture

One of the most challenging decisions a CEO can make is a reduction in force. It happens all the time. Sometimes it’s simple in that revenues are no longer supporting the company’s employee headcount, and cuts have to be made across the board. Other times, it’s the realization that a product line isn’t working, and Read more about A Reduction in Force Will Test Your Company’s Culture[…]