ted talks book review

Book Review: TED Talks

“TED Talks” written by Chris Anderson I love TED talks. TED.com has been my favorite source for inspiration, education, and personal growth now for many years. My favorite TED talks include Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink… the list goes on and on. The President of TED, Chris Anderson, has recently written a great book on public speaking based on his amazing experience as its leader since 2001. Many of the book’s references are to Read more about Book Review: TED Talks[…]

J Curves

J Curves: How to Map a Big Strategic Decision

“If you are not genuinely pained by the risk involved in your strategic choices, it’s not much of a strategy.”  – Reed Hastings, Netflix How often do you get “stuck” on a big strategic decision? If you are like many small business owners, the answer is “too often”. It may be a key employee hire, a capital decision, the purchase of a large fixed asset, or may just be a decision to exit the business. Read more about J Curves: How to Map a Big Strategic Decision[…]