Book Review: Originals

Best-selling author Adam Grant has done it again. In his first book, “Give and Take”, Grant gave the reader a provocative and refreshing perspective on how some people give of themselves and how people take from others. In his newest book, “Originals”, takes a similar look at how non-conformists, “trailblazers” as he calls them, change the world. Similar to his first book, the author weaves an enormous amount of research and data combined with compelling Read more about Book Review: Originals[…]

Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting

On May 20th, I am hosting my 4th annual Small Business Matters Conference. This is a tribal meeting. Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests in his best-selling book “Tribes” that we are all the chief of our own “Tribe”. My tribe includes Vistage members, GrowSmart participants, colleagues, and friends. Who are the members of your tribe? Why a meeting? One might think in today’s world of instant and digital communication there would be less of a Read more about Three Reasons to Host a Tribal Meeting[…]