Book Review: Key Performance Indicators for Dummies

I believe that one of the most important roles for the CEO of a small company is that of “scorekeeper”. You are responsible for making sure score is being kept in your business and that those key numbers are being communicated to the right people. How do we know which numbers to keep track of? “Key Performance Indicators For Dummies”, written by Bernard Marr, is one of the best and most exhaustive resources on tracking Read more about Book Review: Key Performance Indicators for Dummies[…]

Are you a settler?

I love the new “Settler” commercials from Direct TV. The commercials have caused me to consider the possibility that there are small business “settlers”. Business operators that continue to do business as they always have. Unwilling to change. Set in their ways. Possibly accepting less than optimal results. Here are several examples: Profitability. Are you “settling” for marginal profitability in your company? Maybe because it’s always been that way or that it may be an industry Read more about Are you a settler?[…]