June 21, 2013

Key Executives

Key executives are challenged to serve their CEO and lead their employees. Representing myriad industries, they engage in rich conversations about their respective business and personal challenges. The atmosphere of trust and accountability created in these groups provides an environment where C-Suite executives can be truly vulnerable to learn and grow.

Connect with up to 16 key executive peers from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds in your Key Executive Coaching Program for challenging discussions, fresh perspectives on the key executive role, and strategies to create closer alignment with your CEO.

  • Monthly, full-day executive peer group meetings led by a professional Vistage business coach
  • Up to eight annual small-group workshops led by Vistage expert speakers
  • Connectivity resources, including an online best practices librarywebinars, and member conferences
  • Access to the Vistage global community of more than 15,000 business leaders