February 24, 2022

The Auto Zone of Aviation with Zaheer Faruqui

In the first episode of the new year, Tim and Taylor welcome Aventure Aviation CEO, Zaheer Faruqui to the podcast. Founded in 2001, Aventure Aviation is the “Auto Zone of Aviation”, a world-class, award-winning commercial and military aviation parts supplier and provider of component repair management services.

What began as a small business in Zaheer’s garage in Peachtree City, was recently awarded the President’s “E” Award for Exports at the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC, the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

Contact Information: 

Website: www.aventureaviation.com

Email: zaheer@aventureaviation.com

Phone: 770.309.2683


Show Notes:

In this episode, Zaheer Faruqui shares his unique approach to the role of CEO, caring for customers, employees, and owners. The founder of Aventure Aviation also talks about the importance of core values when hiring new employees, understanding your customer’s customer, and the advantages that being nimble provides for small businesses.

Episode Highlights:

• What Matters to Small Business [0:02:07] • Immigrating to the U.S. [0:05:17] • The Role of CEO: Listening First [0:09:33] • Dynamics of a Family Business [0:13:15] • Mistakes Made: Good and Bad [0:16:42] • The COVID Pivot [0:20:39] • Advice to New Entrepreneurs: Be Nimble [0:23:35] • Rapid Fire [0:25:44] • Contact Information [0:31:36] • Takeaways [0:32:42] • SBM Announcements [0:34:20]