June 9, 2022

Simple Moments with Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley is an internationally acclaimed leadership speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and creator of the renowned TED talk “Everyday Leadership (The Lollipop Moment)”. With an impressive client list that includes small businesses as well as large corporations, such as McDonald’s, J.P. Morgan, and American Express, Drew is on a mission to help people unlearn dangerous lessons on leadership.

Contact Information: DrewDudley.com


Show Notes:

In this episode, Drew sits down with Tim and Taylor to talk about the value of simple moments, integrating our “To Do” lists with our “To Be” lists, and corporate verses personal goals. Drew shares his insights on post-pandemic leadership and debunking the Imposter Syndrome once and for all.

Episode Highlights:

• The Story Behind the TED Talk [0:03:50] • Understanding Simple Moments [0:09:40] • Leadership Misconceptions [0:14:40] • Time to Get Personal [0:18:49] • The Great Resignation [0:22:30] • This Is Day One [0:24:41] • Forget Imposter Syndrome [0:27:09] • Effective Leadership Post Pandemic [0:31:46] • Rapid Fire [0:37:32] • Contact Information [0:45:22] • Takeaways [0:45:45]