March 20, 2023

Retaining Top Talent & the Changing Role of Human Resources with Hunter Lott

A skilled human resources trainer, Hunter Lott is dedicated to the rights of management and good business decision-making. He has presented to over 100,000 business owners and managers at all levels on topics such as hiring, motivation, leadership, firing, and staying out of court.

Hunter is also the author of Please Sue Me-The Guide to Safe Hiring and Firing Practices for the Frontline Manager with a Short Attention Span. He serves as HR support for small businesses and a resource for individual leaders in their situational decision-making through his website

An award-winning senior course leader for the American Management Association, Hunter is a top-rated speaker with the Society for Human Resource Management. He was named “Speaker of the Year” for Vistage in 2006 and received a lifetime achievement award from Vistage in 2012.


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Show Notes:

When it comes to managing talent, Hunter Lott is the smartest person Tim knows. In this episode, Hunter blows the lid off common human resources myths. He provides insights into the major changes in human resources in the past few years, making HR a profit center, and the importance of treating employees and candidates like customers. Hunter, Tim, and Taylor discuss the differences in today’s workforce and the need to get creative with employee benefits to maintain top talent.

Episode Highlights:

• What Matters to Small Business [0:03:14] • Consulting Small Business Owners [0:04:11] • Today’s Most Difficult HR Issue [0:07:57] • Big Picture in HR [0:14:41] • Advice for CEOs Facing Layoffs [0:16:53] • Hire Slow, Fire Fast is a Thing of the Past [0:19:48] • Getting Creative with Employee Benefits [0:26:28] • HR as a Profit Center [0:29:59] • Rapid Fire [0:33:12] • Contact Information [0:36:00] • Takeaways [0:36:18] • SBM Announcements [0:37:04]