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The Small Business Matters book, by Tim Fulton, is an award-winning collection of essays and articles that he has written and published for the past twenty years. The articles are short anecdotes from his professional experience in owning and consulting with small businesses. We hope that each article can give you something unique to think about and prepare you for the everyday challenges of a small business management.

  • Here are just a few topics featured in the book:
  • Lessons Learned at the Ballpark
  • Five Lessons Learned from Hurricane Andrew
  • Blocking and Tackling in the Game of Business
  • What is Your Business’s Speed Limit, Are You Selling Aspirin or Vitamins
  • A Letter to My Son

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“Tim Fulton is an experienced small business owner, coach, consultant, professor, and now author. He has turned his wealth of experience into “Small Business Matters,” a collection of essays about small business…as well as the important things in life. Tim unfailingly provides critical business advice in a way that’s easy to understand and apply to one’s own business. He uses specific examples and stories from his own life to illustrate points. The lessons are important, and they’re provided in an accessible way. The book also includes color photographs and quotations from experts and philosophers alike that add interest and depth to the material. I recommend that small business owners buy “Small Business Matters” for themselves…and it would also make a nice-looking gift for someone else.”

– Stacy Williams, Brand Ambassador at Nebo Agency

“Tim Fulton seems to have found the secret to a balanced and satisfying life. His collection of essays offers life lessons of a timeless quality. The type of stories that speak to me in different ways each time I read them. Good reminders for keeping life in perspective. I own a hard copy and Im looking forward to seeing the wear and tear over the years – the mark of a truly valuable book.”


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